Preparing the Soil

Founder’s Message Welcome

Welcome to EcoForce Global, Today you’re beginning a journey to help support our home, our planet, Planet EARTH.

Tracy and I are excited you’ve joined us on this journey. This journey over the next 100 years or longer will see us working together to sell and plant billions of trees, capture billions of tonnes of carbon and help support farmers regenerating their lands around the world. This challenge is no small one but we know that with this issue, we cannot fail. We must succeed in order to secure the future of our planet for many thousands of years to come and for all our future generations, our children, your children, the unborn.

We stand committed with you to help you build the most exciting business you can imagine. We’re all here to support you and our planet. People helping people, helping the Planet.

Charles & Tracy Alder

Getting Started

In any network marketing business there are some very simple steps to help get your business off and running.

Step 1 – Find your Why
Step 2 – Learn about the company’s products, learn about our trees and why we love trees.
Step 3 – Build a list of people you’d like to go into business with. Who would you love to share your mission with and then invite them to watch Our Planet 6 min video then invite them to a webinar.
Step 4 – Participate in training and attend websinars and meetings. The company runs regular webinars and one on one training sessions so check out the webinar link and contact your sponsor for the next sessions
Step 5 – Sell some trees. Share our mission with your friends and family and tell them that you need to sell some trees to support planet repair and farmers around the world. Selling some trees will generate some great income for you.
Step 6 – Perform Steps 3 – 6 again and again and again.

Core Values & Rules of Play

We believe that the following values and core beliefs will sustain our business and your business, today and into the future.

Integrity and Honesty
Empathy and Understanding
Commitment and Leadership
Vision and Clarity
We are all One

Our business doesn’t require any deception or dishonesty. We’re proud of who we are and what we’re aiming to achieve. Our ambition is simple, plant billions of trees, collaborate with those who can make our vision happen and to facilitate as many who wish to contribute to the solution of planetary repair.