Hi, here

Since we last spoke a lot has happened in my life and I just wanted to share with you what I have been up to and invite you to join me on the biggest mission of my life.

As with many people I believe that climate change and the future of our planet is at a crucial stage and that action needs to be taken if we are to reverse the trend.

After much soul searching, research, and conversation with experts, I have joined the international organization ECOFORCE GLOBAL as an Advocate for Planet Earth.  I did this because I am concerned, I want to do something, and because I believe I can help.

It’s because of ECOFORCE GLOBALs mission and passion that I was convinced to “do my bit” and join their team. I am now helping the organization build an army of international Advocates and want you to join me as we build that team. Together we can contribute to the 1 Billion Trees target set by the company.

Together we can make a difference.

Let’s do something for the planet together.

Finally I want to share my personal WHY!


If you’d like to join me as an Advocate click here it’s free! Let’s do it together, if not, help out and buy a tree.